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Do you need a boiler service in Herne Bay? Are you keen to use local plumbers in Herne Bay? But, more importantly, plumbers that’ll service your boiler correctly? Look no further than Gulvins Heating and Plumbing Services.

At Gulvins Heating and Plumbing Services, we offer annual boiler services paid with or without a boiler service plan. If you’re paying at the time of the job, it’s important you remember that a boiler serviced annually will maintain the validity of your boiler warranty.

Beyond the boiler warranty, a boiler service is not just another mundane home maintenance task, but a crucial step in ensuring the safety, efficiency, and longevity of your boiler. It’s also important to note that it must be carried out by a gas-safe engineer.

As plumbers in Herne Bay with several heating engineers on the road, we may be able to attend to your property today. However, we can certainly provide you with a free, no-obligation survey for a boiler service.

Our customers, your neighbours throughout Herne Bay, claim they wouldn’t use another plumber. Or another heating engineer following our service.

We used AI (it’s a hot topic) to analyse our reviews. It told us that our customers value our punctuality. Our tidy work area. And our competitive prices. This is what we pride ourselves on. And, strive to maintain our reputation. Because it’s the service you should receive from your local plumber and heating engineer.

Why not call us on 07894 549 967 to have your questions answered?

Understanding the Importance of a Boiler Service

Maintaining the safety and efficiency of your heating system necessitates an annual boiler service. Not only does it help in reducing heating bills and extending the lifespan of your boiler, but it also prevents potential hazards like carbon monoxide poisoning.

A qualified gas engineer at Gulvins Heating and Plumbing Services will visually inspect, test, and service your boiler to guarantee its proper functioning as part of our boiler service in Herne Bay. Furthermore, each Gas Safe engineer operating under our brand will address any issues before they escalate into costly boiler repairs.

Annual Boiler Service Herne Bay

Annual Boiler Service

Our Gas Safe engineer will conduct a comprehensive inspection, cleaning, and testing during our annual boiler service. This preventative measure helps to avoid breakdowns and expensive repairs, ensuring that your boiler remains safe and efficient throughout the year.

Natural Gas LPG Boiler Service Herne Bay

Gas & LPG Boilers

At Gulvins Heating and Plumbing Services, we’re Gas Safe registered heating engineers, which allows us to service residential gas and LPG boilers. Unfortunately, we don’t have OFTEC-registered engineers, so we’re unable to service any oil boilers that some residences in Herne Bay have installed. 

Boiler Service Plans Herne Bay

Boiler Service Plans

We recognise the cost of an annual boiler service in Herne Bay and have launched incredibly competitive service plans to spread the cost over a 12-month period. Depending on the plan, you can take advantage of free parts up to a certain value and unlimited call outs, free of charge.

What is the Process of a Boiler Service in Herne Bay?

The boiler servicing process consists of several steps, including a visual inspection, component checks, and a final report. These steps ensure that your boiler is functioning correctly and safely, while also identifying any potential issues that may require further attention.

We’ll now explore each step involved in our boiler service in Herne Bay.

Visual Inspection Boiler Service Herne Bay

Visual Inspection

In the first step of the boiler servicing process, our engineer conducts a visual inspection to check for leaks, corrosive damage, and the appearance of the boiler flame.

This initial assessment helps our engineer identify any potential issues that may require further investigation or repair, ensuring the safety and efficiency of your boiler.

Components Inspection Boiler Service Herne Bay

Component Checks

Our engineer evaluates various aspects of your boiler’s performance including:

  • Efficiency

  • Gas rate

  • Flue gas analysis

  • System pressure

During the component checks, they will also inspect the ventilation and safety devices of your boiler to ensure proper operation. These checks provide a comprehensive evaluation of your boiler’s performance and help in identifying any potential issues.

In addition to performance checks, our engineer will inspect critical components of your boiler, such as the burner, heat exchanger, and spark sensor probe. They will also evaluate the gas rate, ensuring it aligns with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

A flue gas analysis and boiler tightness test will be conducted to complete the efficiency checks for your boiler flue. Finally, this process needs to be carried out in order to ensure everything is running efficiently.

Final Report Boiler Inspection Herne Bay

Final Report

Upon completion of the boiler service, our engineer will provide a final report outlining any potential issues and recommended solutions, as well as a boiler service certificate. This report serves as a valuable reference for future inspections and helps you address any problems before they escalate into costly repairs.

By following our engineer’s recommendations, you can ensure the safe and efficient operation of your boiler throughout the year.

Boiler Service Costs in 2023

The boiler service cost in 2023 is influenced by various factors like the type of boiler, location, and time of year. By being aware of these cost factors, you can make informed decisions about scheduling your boiler service and potentially save money in the process.

Cost Factors

The cost of boiler service is significantly impacted by factors like the type of boiler, location, and time of year. Additionally, engineers may charge more for servicing boilers during peak seasons. By scheduling your boiler service during the summer months, you can often take advantage of lower fees and greater availability of engineers.

Saving Money on Boiler Services

Investing in a boiler cover plan that includes annual servicing and repairs can be a way to save money on boiler services. These plans typically vary in cost, but you can find our boiler service plans in Herne Bay on our dedicated web page.

By opting for a boiler cover plan, you can ensure that your boiler receives regular maintenance and avoids unexpected repair costs, ultimately saving money in the long run.

Boiler Service and Warranty

As most manufacturers mandate annual servicing for warranty validation, regular boiler service is key to maintaining your boiler warranty. By scheduling annual boiler servicing, you can ensure that your boiler remains under warranty, providing financial protection in case of any issues or repairs.

In addition, regular servicing helps to maintain your boiler’s efficiency and performance, potentially reducing your heating bills and avoiding costly repairs.

Signs Your Boiler Needs Servicing

Several signs indicate that your boiler may require servicing, such as:

  • An inactive pilot light

  • Unusual noises

  • Odours

  • Inefficient performance

  • Lack of service for over a year

If you notice any of these signs, it’s essential to schedule a boiler service as soon as possible to address the issues and prevent further damage or costly repairs.

A sudden increase in energy bills or a decrease in water pressure, along with the signs mentioned above, can signify that your boiler needs servicing. Regularly checking for these signs and scheduling annual boiler servicing can help to ensure the safe and efficient operation of your boiler, ultimately saving you money on energy bills and potential repairs.

    Legal Requirements for Landlords and Tenants

    Legal obligations require landlords to conduct annual gas safety checks to ensure all gas appliances, fittings, and flues in the property are safe and in good working order. Tenants should ensure that their landlords are meeting these legal requirements by providing them with a copy of the Gas Safety Certificate.

    By fulfilling these obligations, landlords and tenants can ensure the safety and efficiency of their heating systems, protecting both their properties and the well-being of the occupants.

    Tips for Maintaining Your Boiler

    Several tips can help maintain your boiler’s safe and efficient operation, in addition to scheduling annual boiler servicing. Regularly checking for signs of issues and making sure the area around the boiler is clean and unobstructed can help prevent potential problems.

    By following these simple tips and scheduling annual servicing, you can prolong the life of your boiler, save money on energy bills, and ensure the safety and comfort of your home.

    FAQ’s About Boiler Servicing

    How often should boilers be serviced?

    For optimal performance and safety, boilers should be serviced at least once a year by a qualified heating engineer. This is especially important for gas and oil boilers, as they need to be inspected annually to meet the terms of your warranty and stay up-to-date with any potential water or gas leaks. By scheduling an annual boiler service, you can ensure your heating system is running safely and efficiently.

    What does a full boiler service include?

    A boiler service includes an inspection of the boiler, flu, pipework and seals for leaks, pressure check, flue safety assessment, burner and heat exchanger cleaning. The engineer will also make sure all parts are functioning correctly and that there is no wear and tear.

    How much is a boiler call out?

    The average cost of a boiler repair is between £100 and £500 depending on the specific issue and other factors such as location. Some firms offer a fixed fee for phone diagnosis, while an engineer may charge less than someone from a big-name boiler manufacturer. It’s important to note that prices can vary considerably based on who you hire to do the job.

    How long should a service take on a gas boiler?

    A typical gas boiler service will take between 30 minutes and 1 hour and 30 minutes, depending on the make and model of the boiler, its age and type. For newly installed combi or system boilers, it can take as little as 20 minutes to complete a service.

    What is the difference between a gas boiler service and an oil boiler service?

    An oil boiler service requires an OFTEC-registered engineer while a gas boiler service needs a Gas Safe registered engineer.

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    Brilliant experience with Gulvins Heating and Plumbing Services in Herne Bay. I've used them for small plumbing jobs like cold radiators, to boiler problems, and a new kitchen. They've arrived on time, done the job properly, completed on time and left everything tidy. I've found them 100% reliable and I wouldn't use another plumber. Five stars from me.
    Ben Scotchbrook
    Just can't fault the way Ashley fixed our mammoth problem. After a huge leak it was a case of a replacing a cracked water tank and fixing other issues along the way - to restore hot water and heating in the middle of winter for a vulnerable relative. All within 24 hours. And what a lovely guy to deal with. Top drawer.
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