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Hoping to use reputable plumbers in Herne Bay for boiler repairs? Look no further than Gulvins Heating and Plumbing Services for all boilers repairs in Herne Bay.

With over a hundred reviews kindly written by residents across Herne Bay and the surrounding areas, we’ve been fortunate to build our plumbing company on the back of repeat business and referrals.

We’re fully trained and Gas Safe registered, so we’re able to legally carry out boiler repairs safely. And, with our extensive years of experience, we’re able to get the job done efficiently too. 

As local plumbers in Herne Bay, we’re effectively round the corner. It not only allows us to be punctual, but minimise the inconvenience of needing your boiler repaired.

Why not call us on 07894 549 967 for a free boiler repair in Herne Bay quote?

Common Signs Indicating it’s Time for Boiler Repair

Strange Noises

Weird sounds from your boiler? If it’s making strange noises like banging, whistling, or gurgling, it might mean something’s wrong. Those noises could be a sign that the boiler has a problem, like a broken pump, air stuck inside, or sediment building up.


Water escaping from your boiler? If you see any water seeping out around it, it’s important to pay attention. These leaks can cause damage to your home and even create mould. Common reasons for boiler leaks are things like broken valves, damaged seals, or pipes with cracks.

Reduced Heating Performance

Is your boiler not warming up your home like it should? That could mean something’s not right. There are a few things that might be causing this, like a broken thermostat, a dirty heat changer, or not enough water in the system altogether.

Increased Heating Bills

Are your heating bills going up a lot? Your boiler might not be working well. Different things like too much gunk in the system, a pump that’s not working right, or a leak could be causing this.


Strange odors? If your boiler starts to stink weird, it could mean something’s wrong. If it smells like rotten eggs, it might be a gas leak, and if it’s a burning smell, there could be an electrical problem. If you catch these smells, turn off your boiler right away and call us.

Cold or Lukewarm Radiators

If your radiators are cold or lukewarm, there are a number of possible causes, including trapped air, sludge build-up, a faulty radiator valve, low boiler pressure, or a faulty boiler thermostat.

Martin Law
Ashley and his crew installed my Worcester boiler in a new location and cleaned the heating system in three days. The service was good, his staff are polite and respectful, they took the time to clean up afterwards and Ashley is always on hand for any follow up issues. Can highly recommended !
Always excellent service 👏
H Thundow
Gulvins,a plumber in Herne Bay, did a good job of fitting a new boiler- tidy and courteous . The most impressive thing was that I was given a date for the work to be done...and they actually came on that date!!!! Very rare for a tradesman these days
Emma s'Jacob
Plumbing/ Herne Bay: I find Ashley and his team to be very responsive, reliable and helpful. If he can fix a problem remotely he will - without charge! But if he needs to come out he always gets to the bottom of the issue. They recently installed a Hive system and replaced all radiator valves and were tidy and efficient. Friendly too! Would highly recommend.
Jean Purland
Thoroughly recommended Gulvin's plumbers. to anyone in the Herne Bay/ Whitstable area. Ashley and his team are professional, punctual, tidy, honest about what works are needed and all for a fair price. I wouldn't use anyone else
Paula Holmes
Problems with water, cisterns and pipes are always a total red flag for me. So when Gulvins responded within an hour, did a receee, and came back with days with new parts, and fixed everyting, I whooped with relief and thanks. Great job.
Nathan Young
Super reliable. And tidy. Definatly our new plumber as he turned up exactly when he said he would.
Christopher Doggett
After being messed around by two other contractors I called in Ashley to help. He is knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful. Supplied and fitted a new boiler efficiently and quickly. Would really recommend him. 5 star service.
Phillip Graham
First time I used Gulvins and I am very happy I chose them over other plumbing and heating firms in the area. Ashley and his team provided an amazing customer service, good quality workmanship and value for money. Highly recommended.